Ethington Cocktail Hour.

For as long as I’ve known D, he’s always been more of a hard cider or beer kind of guy. Granted he’s had cocktails before, but since moving to Georgia he’s shown more interest in trying them. For his birthday earlier this month, I ordered a bunch of cocktail making supplies and we went shopping – at various liquor stores – to stock our so-called home bar. For recipes he also got The PDT Cocktail Book, we look online for inspiration, and I suggest options depending on cravings.

We live above a great spot that makes excellent cocktails in downtown Augusta, Georgia so they were also an inspiration. It’s been a collaborative effort, as he mixes the cocktails and most times I figure out the garnish. I’ve been documenting what he’s made with my phone and typically post on my Instagram account. I’ve decided to share them on this blog as well. We don’t always have a cocktail every single evening, but I’ll be updating this post whenever we have a new one!

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We don’t have any shops that offer a great selection of all things cocktails where currently live, so I go online. There’s various good cocktail online supply shops, but I like Boston Shaker the most.

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“Cooler than a Cucumber Salad”

On Thursday evening, along with three other folks, I helped judge an inaugural kids’ cooking contest at the Evans Towne Farmers’ Market. Each of us were provided sheets of paper with a list we’d use to score the entries. Some of the various criteria were knife skills, cleanliness of stations before and after, creativity, use of local ingredients, flavor, presentation, etc.

It was a scorcher of a day, temperatures reached near 100F and probably 100000% humidity, so it was a good thing cooking with heat wasn’t required this time. Seven youth participants were ready to win first prize with their versions of a cucumber salad.


Antonio with his cucumber and dill salad.

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Wild Georgia Dewberries and a Birthday.


D’s 39th birthday was on June 1st, so we ended up celebrating a few times during the weekend. A couple of weeks before, I signed us up to help pick wild dewberries at Hexemaus Farm in Waynesboro – about 45 minutes south of Augusta. Since we both enjoy being outdoors and spending time on farms where we get some of our food, I figured we’d have a good time. The day before berry picking was incredibly hot and muggy and then we had thunderstorms that lasted almost the rest of the afternoon. Luckily for berry picking day, even though it was still hot, the humidity remained at a more tolerable level and there was a cool breeze.

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Sourdough Chronicles: The Game Changer.


Portion of sour dough before adding chocolate chunks

I think I’ve made the best bread I’ve ever baked in my life yesterday, which is great because I’ve baked a lot since I got some sourdough starter from a friend. The crust, the CRUMB, the texture, and the flavor were all spot on. This is all a variation of Tartine Bread‘s sourdough country loaf, but I used equal parts whole wheat bread flour and all purpose flour. With this recipe you end up with two boules, so I decided to add dark chocolate chunks to one portion. I was instantly day dreaming of slices slathered with softened butter, even before I started preparing the levain two nights ago.

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My Sourdough Chronicles.


Healthy and active sourdough starter


I can never pass up a great loaf of bread, especially if it’s leavened only by using sourdough culture. In Colorado, there were a few places (Denver and Boulder) that I liked to buy bread from. In Arizona, a couple of places (Bisbee and Tucson) had some amazing breads. Now here in Georgia, I’ve found bread that I love in Athens. It’s a bit of a trek for me, since we live in Augusta, so I finally decided that I should just start making my own sourdough leavened bread.

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