Summer Grapes and Lightning.

16 Aug


The farmers’ market in Sierra Vista has been impressive, even when we got here in late January. I’m glad they moved to a better location, people seem to be more drawn to it now that it’s located at the main park in the middle of town. It’s always nice to chat with my favorite vendors and grab a few samples before I decide what to buy. It’s difficult to leave a farmers’ market without going over-budget, especially during the summertime.

I don’t think I could’ve predicted that I would grow so fond of the farmers’ market here, but I have. People are so down to earth and friendly and they remember who I am and what I like. The grapes pictured above were grown nearby and I’ve been savoring their juicy sweet-tart flavor, seeds and all. Since we haven’t been able to have our own garden yet, the first thing I look for when we move is a farmers’ market.

We took a drive around town before dinner because even though the sky here is always beautiful, this evening was especially so. We chased a distant monsoon thunderstorm and we pulled over so I could attempt to take a few shots of lightning. As we drove home, the storm was next to us and getting closer. I was mesmerized by its size and power. As cornball as this may sound, I’m thankful for so many experiences that we’ve had here. This may not be a place that we’d live in for the rest of our lives, but my mind has changed on how I feel about southeastern Arizona. 



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2 responses to “Summer Grapes and Lightning.

  1. Cindi

    Friday 16 August 2013 at 09:38

    This made me smile. :)



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