My Fiore di Capra Crush.

05 Aug


There are a few small batch southern Arizona cheese makers, but two really stand out for me. I’ll focus on Fiore di Capra this time because they’re my absolute favorite. I’ve also featured their raw milk kefir on a blog post in April and their raw Greek style yoghurt on a post in May.


Fiore di Capra is located in Cochise County (where we live) and their selection of homemade goat milk based products is remarkable. Products range from raw drinkable yoghurt, Greek-stlyle yoghurt, kefir, spreadable chèvre, marinated cheeses, a Brie style cheese, layered cheese “tortes” with various flavors, decadent cajeta (thick goat milk caramel), and more!

At the Tucson Farmers’ Market, they’re more than happy to sample just about all of their products. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve tried, but of course I can’t buy everything. This past Sunday, we sampled their ash coated ripened chèvre for the first time and we immediately decided to get a log. The flavor reminds me of a young and bold blue cheese, and I think the quality of the goat milk helps a great deal.

They also had some baked ricotta for sale, but weren’t sampling that one. We got some anyway because, come on, baked ricotta? I don’t see how that could have been a bad choice. When we tried it later, it definitely was a great choice. I think I’m going to make some pupusas with this one because it’s supposed to melt really well.

The last cheese we chose was their aged and brined raw Feta, which we’ve had before and is excellent. I also enjoy their drinkable raw yoghurt, so I got a container of that. I was glad when we were done paying for our things only because I couldn’t help eyeing everything else. It’s all so hard to resist.


I’m going to miss Fiore di Capra when we leave Arizona, that’s for sure. Their website is a little wonky but if you appreciate good handmade cheese and you’re ever in Tucson, you can usually find them at the Tucson Farmers’ Market at St. Phillip’s Plaza on Sundays.


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