Vanilla Bean Almond Milk.

24 Apr


When I make almond milk each week, I tend to just blend the soaked almonds (right photo above) with a few dates and strain the mixture through a nut bag to get the milk. I buy the almonds that I use from Massa Organics. One bag lasts me about 4 weeks or so, unless I make a double batch of almond milk one week.


Recently, I decided to peel the skin off of each almond after they had soaked overnight. I know that blanching the almonds would have probably been easier to slip the skins off, but it actually wasn’t too bad. It took a little time, but I was left with pretty skinless almonds in the end.

The basic recipe I use for making almond milk is here. This time I added a whole vanilla bean and four dates.


After the vanilla bean almond milk had chilled a bit, I got two small glasses and decided to taste it as is and another one with some bittersweet chocolate sauce. I enjoyed both a lot and I think I’ll continue to make the vanilla bean one because the flavor is so subtle but nice.


The next day, I made a chocolate shake with one frozen banana, half a small ripe avocado, vanilla bean almond milk, and bittersweet chocolate sauce. I won’t say it tastes exactly like a shake made with regular chocolate ice cream, but this was creamy and very delicious. It also completely satisfied my craving for a shake! It’s also a play on what I used to have as a kid. My dad is Indonesian, so he really only eats avocado in desserts. This is a version of a chocolate avocado drink that he grew up with, made for me, and I had when I visited Indonesia!


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