A Blueberry Twist.

25 Mar

BLUEBERRYThere’s something satisfying about making a milkshake without ice cream. The tastebuds don’t really know the difference when using frozen fruit, a touch of sweetener, perhaps some thick yoghurt with a little bit of milk just to make it easier to blend. It’s creamy, a little sweet, cold and thick – just like a milkshake with ice cream.

I haven’t been drinking or eating any dairy products for almost a month now. It’s actually been fine and I don’t miss most dairy things yet, to be honest. Sometimes I want a piece of blue cheese or Taleggio, but neither are very easily found here so I don’t bother. Actually, I still eat pastured butter and ghee sometimes, but those things don’t seem to bother my system like milk and a lot of cheese do. I make my own almond milk weekly and I’ve recently made rice milk. I like the almond milk best, though I want to track down some nice coconuts to milk coconut milk. We bought some plain Strauss organic yoghurt because I like blending things with it, and I haven’t had any luck making my own non-dairy yoghurt. Yet! The ones at the food co-op here are too sweet and watery and I’m not so sure I’ll be able to find anything to my liking.

I also like shakes without any dairy at all, the frozen fruit is the key for good consistency. For this milkshake I used a lot of frozen blueberries, yoghurt, a little raw Arizona agave nectar, a bit of homemade vanilla almond milk, and some micro Thai basil. It was a delicious combination, I think I’ll make it again.

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