Kimchi Pancake.

08 Mar


When we moved to Sierra Vista almost two months ago, I was ecstatic to find a really great family run Korean restaurant. There are a few in town, actually, but nothing compares to the one that we go to. The cook/owner is very nice to us and eating there feels like we’re guests in his home. His restaurant really is a hole in the wall, but that’s what also makes it good.

One night soon after we had moved into the home that we’re renting, I was craving banchan and bibimbap. We weren’t disappointed by what we got there. Every meal since then has been excellent and wonderfully “homey.” Now whenever we go, the cook/owner knows which banchan dishes are our favorites and surprises us with a different one to try almost each time we go. He also makes sure to give me extra Korean hot sauces, pickled radish, and sour kimchi.

My husband loves going there as well and it makes me happy that he now appreciates kimchi as much as I do. Let me tell you what, it wasn’t always this way. He used to come home and sniffed the air after I had eaten kimchi at some point during the day and asked, “WHAT is this garbage smell?” Ha…

We shared a kimchi pancake one time we went to the restaurant and it was awesome seeing my husband’s expression while he gobbled it up. I had never made it at home before because I knew he wasn’t a fan of kimchi. I decided to make savoury pancake (without kimchi) to go along with dinner one night and it’s surprising that I haven’t done so in so long. I’ve made quite a few of them recently but this particular kimchi pancake was the best I’ve cooked so far!

If you love kimchi and want to try something new, this is the way to go. I found a recipe on the New York Times site. I changed it up a little by adding an extra egg, only using all purpose flour, and stirring in 1/2 cup of cold water to make the batter a little thinner. Pork is usually added to the pancake, but I also like it without. I’ve made some with smoked mussels and salmon and that was a hit as well.

I don’t mind making my own kimchi, but I bought this particular one at the Korean market in town. The person who makes it also helps out at the Korean restaurant that we frequent, so I know that she takes care and has a lot of pride in her kimchi. This reminds me, I need to buy another big jar…


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