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Banana bread.

I really love banana bread and I’m sure I’ve written other blog posts about it. I especially love banana bread when I find a recipe that blows me away every time I make it. I’ve only been baking with sprouted whole wheat, spelt, or rye flour when I do bake now and I like this recipe a lot. I usually like a mix of sprouted whole wheat & spelt flours and I like to add 5 bananas instead of 4, 2 eggs, some cinnamon, a splash of milk (depending on how dry the day is) and sometimes some dark chocolate chunks, some good quality unsweetened coconut, or a mix of nuts. When I don’t have ghee, I use virgin coconut oil and a little bit of homemade yoghurt.

The smell of freshly baked banana bread always makes me happy!

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This is Summer.

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The return of chicken livers.

I grew up in a household that ate the parts of animals that a lot of people considered to be “gross.” As soon as I stepped into our home, I was really no longer in the USA. It was a little embarrassing to me when I invited friends and my house smelled of some curry, or dried shrimp paste, or that there was usually a pot of black beans bubbling on the stove top. I had to make sure that we had spaghetti and meatballs or pizza when I had a sleepover. Luckily I had a few good friends who also grew up in similar households, so I felt comforted in knowing that I wasn’t the only one.

Chicken livers were one of my favorite things to eat when I was a kid. My grandmother pan-fried them in butter and gave them to me over rice and some steamed vegetables. Sometimes she made a sort of chopped liver dish that I ate on fresh tortillas. My dad loves cooking them in a spicy sauce or curry. We ate that with our hands with fresh sliced cucumbers, lettuce, pickles and steamed rice. Apparently my mom made fresh chicken liver baby food for me as well. I’m glad that I stopped being ashamed of my upbringing! But you know as a kid being different is terribly hard.

When I picked up a few pastured chickens yesterday, I also picked up some chicken livers. I have been craving them for a long time and I haven’t bought any because I really wanted to know where the livers I’m buying came from. It’s not always easy to find that, not even in the “best” grocery/natural food stores.

So for dinner, I lightly dredged the cleaned livers in a little sprouted spelt flour and pan-fried them in virgin coconut oil. I also made a salad of shredded napa cabbage & scallions dressed with some apple cider vinegar, sea salt, dried chili flakes, a touch of local honey, and mustard. I recently made a small batch of basil aïoli and I dipped the livers in that. But they didn’t need the extra. Perfection. Some people may think this is gross, but well… more for me!

You can read more about the pastured poultry I got in this blog post.

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